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Favorite Mario Kart Ranibow Road course? (not counting remakes) 

14 deviants said 64
6 deviants said Double Dash!!
3 deviants said Original
3 deviants said 8
2 deviants said DS
2 deviants said Wii
1 deviant said Super Circuit
No deviants said 7


EDIT: I guess 10 featured people are enough for now.

Yes. Post a comment and I will feature one of your Original Characters (donut steel) and I will try to say something cool on why I like him/her/it/potato.

Just one character per user, though. Would be cool if I get some to tell me their favorite original characters of mine... Oh wait I only have like 2-3 of them. :iconmymistakeplz:

1. :iconw-lanier: Elen

Snow by W-Lanier

I like her because of glasses and purple color. Also she is a qt 3.14 and I really loved this pic when she drew her. Such an impressive drawing.

2. :iconson-void: Teruko Kiyosh

Present for the Birthday Girl by Son-Void

She has a very cool color scheme on her design. Also cute long black hair and seems to have a thing for underwater stuff.

3. :iconumsauthorlava: Ekiyu

Ekiyu's Second Impact! by UMSAuthorLava

She's got a nice outfit, and all around cute character. There is something I like regarding this artist's style, too.

4. :icondimensional-expander: Tomoyo Watanabe

Tomoyo Watanabe Bio
Name: Tomoyo Watanabe
Age: 20
Epithet: "Healing Angel" Tomoyo
Occupation: Crew medic
Crew: Tamako Pirates
Talents/Specialty: Medical knowledge
Personality: Tomoyo is shy and quiet most of the time, often blushing whenever she's near Rena (implying that she may have a crush on Rena). She's also quite motherly and, like Rena, is patient with Miyoshi when it comes to her antics. She's also intelligent when it comes to her vast medical knowledge as a nurse, often researching different medicines, sicknesses and a Devil Fruit she once ate by accident at one time. She prefers to use her Devil Fruit's ability to defend others like a shield and dislikes the idea of using violence to settle things.
Weapons/Powers: Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit: Fat Fat Fruit (Enables Tomoyo to control her own body fat, making her stronger in both offense and defense at the cost of her speed when fat. Also, while fat from the Devil Fruit itself, Tomoyo doesn't suffer any ill effects from being fat. She mainly uses its

She will do enough for me... I think? Very cute for her age I think.

5. :iconzefrenchm: Good old Mathias himself

Mathias is here by ZeFrenchM

Well I have seen him for a long time already. Is hard not to like his charismatic and unique design.

6: :iconyoumuneplowell: Yukino

OC Sketches - Shrine Maiden Yukino by YoumuNepLowell

Yes. Ahoge and blue hair. Funny how she wears a sarashi most of the time.

7: :icontwogadia: Minami Naota

Mature Content

New OC: Minami Naota by Twogadia

Cute enough, perhaps? I tried my best... Kinda like the hair bang.

8: :iconflightyspirit: Pink Haired Goat Lady

One of 2015's Goats by FlightySpirit

Better than some other overrated goat woman. I love the shading work in this particular pic, as it adds to the character's grumpy personality.

9: :iconmagnus-8m: Honey Sabre

HNYyw-001v06 Honey Sabre Concept Update by MAGNUS-8M

Very cute and cool concept of bee-ninja-robot-girl. Every character he draws gets some charm I can't describe clearly.

10: :icontophxomi: Ayumu Yoshika

My Cutie Student Game Character: Ayumu Yoshika by tophxomi

Closest to an original characater I could find. My apologies here, as well. Aqua short hair and glasses are nice.
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